European Money Week Targets Students and Youths

European Money Week Targets Students and Youths

The European Money Week, which this year is being held in the latter part of March, is an initiative of the European Banking Federation, aimed at promoting financial education and financial literacy amongst students and youths.

The Malta Bankers’ Association has organised a series of events and activities centred around this theme in collaboration with the Department of Curriculum Managements’s Home Economics Seminar Centre, the Malta Financial Services Authority, the Central Bank of Malta, the Malta Stock Exchange and the Institute of Financial Services.

Two of the activities being undertaken are the “Money Matters” programme and the “Be Wise – Pay Smart” programme.

The “Money Matters” programme involves Year 6 pupils (age 10 – 11 years) participating in interactive sessions during which they engage in games, debates, drama workshops and case studies aimed at helping them to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies needed to become financially responsible and to be able to make more informed financial decisions. This year, the programme also includes a session on banknote security features in order for the pupils to learn how to detect counterfeit notes.

The “Be Wise – Pay Smart” programme is aimed at older students (age 14 – 16 years) undergoing the Core Curriculum Programme (CCP) in Year 10 and Year 11. Ninety minute training sessions are held on bank premises and include filmed sketches aimed at provoking discussion and questions regarding the use of ATMs and EPOS terminals, the different types of bank accounts which can be opened and the use of debit cards and credit cards. This is followed by hands-on training, carrying out various ATM and card transactions. The sessions are facilitated by teachers from the Home Economics Seminar Centre and bank personnel.

Both the “Money Matters” and the “Be Wise – Pay Smart” programmes have proved to be highly popular and successful in previous years, and will therefore continue to feature in this year’s and future editions of the European Money Week.

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