The Future of Banking Supervision Conference organised by the MFSA

The MBA’s Chair, Marcel Cassar and its Secretary General, Karol Gabarretta, were invited to participate in two of the three panel discussions held as part of the conference organised by the MFSA on the 8thNovember. The conference was titled The Future of Banking Supervision while the panel discussions which featured Mr Cassar and Mr Gabarretta dealt with AML/CFT Developments and the Supervisory Approach and Digitalisation of Banking Services, Cybersecurity and Operational Resilience respectively. The panel discussions were moderated by Alfred Zammit – Acting Director, FIAU and Anabel Cauchi Armeni – Deputy Head, Banking Supervision at the MFSA.

Mr Cassar addressed key issues from the industry’s perspective on the ever-dominant front-line struggle of banks against ML/FT while Mr Gabarretta’s intervention and focus dealt with issues arising from amongst others, the ever evolving process of digitalisation, the need to streamline reporting requirements in cases of cyber incidents and the challenges experienced by credit institutions in adapting to authorities’ oversight processes based on the principle of proportionality.  

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