MBA participation at the Annual Seminar organised by IFS Malta on the 27th November 2019

The Association’s Secretary General, Karol Gabarretta was recently invited to participate at the Annual Seminar organised by IFS Malta with theme this year, Combating Financial Crime.  Mr Gabarretta’s intervention took the form of a presentation entitled Key Takeaways from the MONEYVAL Report’s assessment of the banking sector – the MBA’s perspective. Mr Gabarretta’s presentation provided a high level perspective on the conclusions which the MONEYVAL Report drew in general concerning banks without commenting in any way on the implications thereof, nor making any judgements whether the results are positive, not, or somewhere in between. Later in the morning, Mr Gabarretta was one of speakers of the panel discussion moderated by Ms Vanessa Macdonald – Financial Crime Overkill – is it a Fact or a Myth? The other panellists were: Dr Louis de Gabriele – Partner, Camilleri Preziosi Advocates; Dr Manfred Galdes – Partner, ARQ and Ms Grace Camilleri – Partner, EY.

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