MBA Chair invited to MCESD meeting

On the occasion of the recent visit to Malta of Mr Enrico Letta, former Prime Minister of Italy, where he met with Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela and other Cabinet Ministers, the MBA Chair Marcel Cassar was invited to attend a meeting of the MCESD held with Mr Letta on the side. Mr Cassar was one of the participants who intervened at this meeting and his remarks may be accessed here.

Mr Letta’s visit to Malta was in connection with the initiative voiced last year by EU leaders who had called “for an independent High-Level Report on the future of the Single Market”, to be presented at the EU Council Meeting of March 2024. In fact, Mr Letta was tasked to compile this report and is essentially dividing his work into two phases, with the first being dedicated to the gathering of information on the functioning of the Single Market in the different Member States, while the second phase will be dedicated to the drafting of the report itself.

At the MCESD meeting a comprehensive report drawn up for Cabinet about Malta’s position on the state of the Single Market was presented by Dr Jonathan Spiteri and passed on to Mr Letta.

The photo of former Italian PM Enrico Letta was published by the Times of Malta on the 8th of January and is credited to Chris Sant Fournier.

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