MBA advises caution against scammers

The MBA refers to recent media articles which reported that scammers have used the customer care contact number of at least one local bank to call customers and ask them for certain personal details pertaining to their accounts.

The MBA reiterates that the general public should, in view of the possibility of scam calls, be vigilant and immediately exercise caution when approached by callers purporting to be acting on behalf of a local bank, asking for sensitive financial information pertaining to one’s account/s.

The MBA notes that such scammers usually endeavour to act in a business-like manner and make all due efforts to come across as highly credible and professional in order to confuse and deceive their potential victims into collaborating with them – the result of which could be extremely costly for the account holder.

Accordingly, customers should never give out any sensitive information whatsoever, not only if contacted over the phone, but also if this is done through any link they may have received via SMS and/or email.

When in doubt, the best and safest option for anyone who receives such a call, is to decline immediately to provide any information and to contact a bank’s customer care facility themselves as a follow up.

The MBA’s messages to the general public thus are:

  • be vigilant and exercise all necessary caution when you receive a suspicious call
  • being sceptical is a good thing here
  • ensure that you do not react if you are pressured to disclose personal details – ignore warnings that if you do not collaborate your account and credit/debit card(s) will be frozen/closed
  • be aware that scammers are after your hard-earned money. Don’t make it easier for them to accomplish this. Do not be afraid to be ‘difficult’ with them: ignore any entreaties, subtle or otherwise, to provide your personal sensitive financial information.  Terminate the call at the earliest possible rather than run the risk of revealing sensitive financial information.
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