Joint Press Release of the 18th November 2020 by UNI Europa Finance, EBF-BCESA, ESBG and EACB

The European social partners – UNI Europa Finance, European Banking Federation (EBF) and the Banking Committee for European Social Affairs within the EBF (BCESA), European Savings Banks Group (ESBG) and European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB) – have announced the conclusion of the Pillar II project which set out to analyse the positive and negative effects of changes in the European banking regulatory environment on employment in the sector, post crisis 2008.


The Final Project Report entitled “The impact of banking regulation on employment” and the “Conclusions of the European Bank Social Partners’ project” may be accessed through the following link:


In compiling the Report, interviews were conducted with banking officials across various European member states which included Malta.


The European Banking Federation, of which the Malta Bankers Association is a member, is one of the main partners of the project.

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