FinanceMalta’s 15th Annual Conference

The MBA’s Chair Marcel Cassar, was one of the participating speakers at FinanceMalta’s 15th Annual Conference, with the theme this year, of “Learning From The Past: Looking To The Future”. This much awaited event was held on Thursday 1st December. Mr Cassar participated at the panel discussion titled “Banking in Malta in the context of European regulatory developments”. This session highlighted the challenges being faced by banks in Malta and how these issues can be addressed in the short and long term. It also provided a valuable update on EU regulatory developments affecting banking, particularly on the EU’s continually evolving bank prudential regime – current discussions revolve around the effects of the implementation of the draft CRD VI and CRR III proposals.

Other speakers and presenters at the session comprised; François-Louis Michaud, Executive Director, European Banking Authority (EBA), David Eacott, Head of Banking Supervision, MFSA, while Gonzalo Gasos, Senior Director Prudential Policy and Supervision European Banking Federation (EBF) substituted Wim Mijs, CEO, (EBF) who regrettably had to cancel his trip. Fabio Axisa, Chairman, Banking and Payments Working Group, Malta Financial Services Advisory Council (MFSAC) moderated the proceedings.

Pics captions

Left to right: David Eacott, François-Louis Michaud, Karol Gabarretta, Marcel Cassar and Gonzalo Gasos

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